Blendtec Fourside Jar Soft Lids


The FourSide jar’s square shape and patented single-prong wingtip blade create a better blending vortex to micronize ingredients. This smaller jar is perfect for eateries that sell lower volumes of blended product.

  • Blunt safety blade that is thicker and stronger than other blades
  • Made from impace-resistant BPA-free copolyester
  • Compatible with all Blendtec consumer blenders

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  • Blendtec products are built to the highest professional standards. No tamper/plunger needed. Professional-grade jar is compatible with all Blendtec blender models (not compatible with Blendtec Mix n’ Blend models)
  • The Four Side jar for smaller quantities, grinding grains, and heating soups and drinks through friction heat. It has a 75 oz volume jar with 32 oz blending capacity (wet or dry). Our four-sided jar effectively harnesses the power of the Blendtec blender. The square shape automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade, instead of just spinning them around in a circular jar
  • Includes blunt safety blade which is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than other blades. Blendtec jars are BPA-free and impact resistant
  • The black soft lid is built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushes and more. It’s dishwasher safe and fits both Wild Side+ and Four Side jars
  • Engineered and assembled in the USA


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