Bristot Blue Arabica Capsules


Bristot Blue Arabica Capsules dazzle your dayspring and add some pep to your step with this enlivening 100% Arabica Espresso from Bristot. With bursts of citron flavors and a penetrating spring blossom aroma, this cheery espresso shines with flavor.

  • 100% Arabica
  • Medium Roast
  • Compatible with Lavazza Blue
  • 50 Capsules

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Bristot 100% Arabica Capsules allow you to brew the perfect espresso at home or in the office. Bristot’s Italian roasting and grinding methods bring out the best characteristics of the coffee – a blend of Brazilian Alta Mogiana, refined Ethiopian Sidamo and the best the Grands Crus grown, like Colombian Supremo Huila and Guatemalan Huehuetenango. This 100% Arabica blend creates a perfect and sophisticated cup of coffee, every time.

  • New Diamond Cutting Grinder Technology for Precise, Perfect Extraction Every Time
  • Second-Generation Capsule Locks in Freshness to Guarantee an Aromatic and Delicious Espresso
  • Capsules compatible with a variety of Nespresso household machines
  • Smooth and Consistent Taste with Superb Crema



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