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The iSi soda chargers are suitable for all soda equipment; whether the Soda maker Classic, Soda Siphon, or the Twist’n Sparkle. With iSi soda machines and chargers you will experience an extraordinarily sparkling perfection.  Are you looking for something special? Then carbonate fruit with the soda chargers in the iSi Gourmet Whip: a culinary surprise for you and your guests! Suitable for all iSi soda devices and the Gourmet Whip 8.4 g pure CO2 Made of high-quality, recyclable steel. Individually weighed electronically – with filling guarantee.

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Pack of ten iSi soda chargers, made in Austria with pure Carbon Dioxide gas, and 100% recyclable steel. Individually weighed electronically measured. Used for carbonation of water, fruit, and batters.


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  1. Asmaa hagag

    Special soda chargers ????????

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