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Monin Popcorn Syrup

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MONIN Popcorn Syrup can be added to milkshakes and lattes, mocktails, and even drizzled over any kind of dessert as a fun alternative to the usual sort of toppings. Take a trip down movie memory lane with a flavor, which is positively bursting with fun!

Tasting Notes
Intense buttery popcorn smell, strong balanced buttery taste and well-rounded buttery popcorn with light roasted after taste

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Perfectly balanced and full bodied, MONIN Popcorn syrup will add a roasted popcorn flavor with a hint of nuttiness in any coffee beverages and help craft unexpected mocktails!

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Weight 1400 g

1 review for Monin Popcorn Syrup

  1. Alaaa adel

    Very good taste even with hot or cold drinks

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