Yorkshire Red Tea 100


100×2.2g teabags of rich & refreshing classic black tea from Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate.

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Classic black tea sourced from farms in Africa and India, to make a lovely blend that’s big on flavor, seriously refreshing and kind to the people who grow it.
Pack of 100×2.2g teabags.

Top quality teas & perfect blend
Like any plant, tea has a life of its own. Flavor and quality depend on where it’s grown, how it’s handled and even the year of harvest – so every day, we taste up to a thousand teas sent to us by growers from around the world.

Yorkshire Tea combines the best teas together in just the right amounts, layering the complimentary flavors of 10-20 different teas to create a uniquely balanced and consistent brew. That’s the art of blending backed by 130 years of experience.

That tea in your cup has been checked repeatedly by some of the best taste buds in the business. In fact, from the harvest to the moment it heads to the shops, Yorkshire Tea has been tasted at least eight times. That’s how we know it’s always a proper brew.

Unique by experience
Isn’t a square bag a bit basic these days? Yep – and we’re proud of it! We’ve tested every new shape going but we’ve never found anything that could knock the trusty square off the top spot. Novelty bags are just a distraction. It’s the tea inside that counts.

Good for our planet & people
Yorkshire Tea business is built on long term relationships, often built over decades. Yorkshire Tea visits the sourcing tea gardens and estates as much as possible and does more than just pay fair prices – Yorkshire Tea invests in their communities and their environment too.

From eco-friendly farming techniques and protecting Amazonian rainforest, to the solar panels on Yorkshire Tea’s roofs and the sustainable card in its packs, Yorkshire Tea believes in trading with respect for the environment.

Weight 220 g


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