Berry Lemonade

Enjoy the juicy sweet, tart flavour of fresh-picked red berries with cool relaxing lemonade.
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30ml Monin Raspberry Puree
20ml Monin Strawberry Syrup
20ml Monin Lime Juice
120ml San Benedetto Sparkling Water


Mix Ingredients with Ice Pour Monin syrup & purée into a tumbler glass filled with ice cubes.

Shake Shake all ingredient until mixed

Top with Soda Add soda on top of the mixed ingredients

Stir & Drink Stir till colors blend & enjoy your drink

Shopping List

San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Glass Bottle Water
San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Water
Monin Strawberry Syrup Glass Bottles
Monin Strawberry Syrup
Monin Raspberry Puree 1L Bottle
Monin Raspberry Puree
Monin Lime Juice Concentrate 1 Liter PET Bottle
Monin Lime Juice Concentrate

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