Caribbean Hot Chocolate

A delicate hot chocolate taste that adds warmth on cold winter nights and relaxation before bedtime.
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20ml MONIN Caribbean Syrup
1 MONIN Chocolate Frappe Scoop
150ml Alpro Soya Milk


Mix Ingredients Mix the milk with chocolate frappe powder in a heater

Heat & Stir Mix Stir the mix well while heating

Pour Into Glass Pour MONIN syrup followed by the heated mix into a glass

Garnish & Enjoy Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy your drink

Shopping List

Monin Chocolate Frappe Base Powder 2.25Kg
Monin Chocolate Frappe
Monin Caribbean Syrup 700ml Glass Bottle
Monin Caribbean Syrup
Alpro Barista Soya 1L
Alpro Soya Milk for Professionals

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