Cherry Chocolate Frappe

Indulge yourself into this heavenly made mix of chocolate and cherry, this is a top rated treat to chill out your summer time.
4.9/5 (13 Reviews)
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20ml Monin Cherry Syrup
1 Monin Chocolate Frappe Scoop
140ml Alpro Almond Milk


Mix Ingredients Pour ingredients into blender with half glass of ice

Blend Blend till smooth mix is achieved

Pour & Drink Pour the mix from the blender into a glass and enjoy your drink

Shopping List

Monin Chocolate Frappe Base Powder 2kg Sealed Bag
Monin Chocolate Frappe
Monin Cherry Syrup 1 Liter Glass Bottle
Monin Cherry Syrup
Alpro Almond Milk Barista For Professionals 1 L
Alpro Almond Milk for Professionals

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