Coffee Banana Latte

Treat yourself with this exotic coffee banana latte, very delicious, has the coffee flavor without the caffeine so you can enjoy it even before bed time.
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15ml MONIN Banana Puree
15ml MONIN Coffee Syrup
120ml Alpro Soya Milk


Mix Ingredients with Ice Combine ingredients in a glass filled with ice cubes

Stir Stir your mix well till colors blend

Garnish & Enjoy Top with whipped cream and a subtle spray of ground coffee then enjoy your drink

Shopping List

Whipi Plus Cream 1 Liter
Whipi Plus Cream
Monin Coffee Syrup 700ml Glass Bottle
Monin Coffee Syrup
Monin Banana Puree 1 L
Monin Banana Puree
Alpro Barista Soya 1L
Alpro Soya Milk for Professionals

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