Date Rose Frozen Latte

Excellent snack full of nutrition value. Also perfect for Iftar in Ramadan.
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20ml MONIN Rose Syrup
1 Scoop of MONIN Coffee Frappe
120ml Alpro Oat Milk
3pcs Dates


Mix Ingredients Blend all ingredients with ice cubes.

Pour Blend Pour blended mix in a glass

Garnish Garnish with whipped cream, dates and rose petal.

Shopping List

Whipi Plus Cream 1 Liter
Whipi Plus Cream
Monin Rose Syrup 700ml Glass Bottle
Monin Rose Syrup
Monin Coffee Frappe Base 2kgs
Monin Coffee Frappe
Alpro Organic Oat Milk Barista For Professionals 1L
Alpro Organic Oat Milk for Professionals

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