Elderflower Lemonade Sparkler

When you’re looking to make something extra-special for the connoisseur; the perfect blend of elderflower, lemon, and sparkling bubbles evolves. Elderflower adds a subtle sweetness with a hint of floral notes to this non-alcoholic refreshment!
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20ml MONIN Elderflower Syrup,
20ml MONIN Cloudy Lemonade Syrup,
2 Fresh Lemon Slices,
2 Fresh Mint Leaves,
150ml San Benedetto Sparkling Water.


Mix Flavors with Ice Combine flavorings into a glass full of ice

Add Lemon & Mint Add fresh lemon slices and mint leaves

Add Sparkling Water Top with San Benedetto sparkling water

Stir Stir till colors blend

Garnish & Enjoy Garnish with elderflower and enjoy your refreshing drink

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San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Glass Bottle Water
San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Water
Monin Cloudy Lemonade Base Syrup 1L PET Bottle
Monin Cloudy Lemonade Syrup
Monin Elderflower Syrup 1 Liter Glass Bottle
Monin Elderflower Syrup

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