• Serves: 1
  • Preparation Time: 1 min
  • Cook Time: N/A

Peach Frosty Lemonade

The Frosty Peach Lemonade is one of the best refreshing summer drinks.
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30ml Monin Peach Puree
30ml Monin Cloudy Lemonade
90ml Water
1 Peach Slice


Mix Ingredients Pour ingredients into a blender cup

Add Ice Add a glass of ice cubes to the blender cup

Blend Blend until smooth

Pour & Drink Pour mix into a glass & enjoy your drink

Shopping List

Monin Pear Puree Fruit Mix 1 Liter Bottle
Monin Pear Puree
Monin Cloudy Lemonade Base Syrup 1 Liter PET Bottle
Monin Cloudy Lemonade Syrup

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