Raspberry Mojito

Enjoy a refreshing taste with useful fresh citrus and mint will awaken your senses.
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30ml MONIN Raspberry Syrup
40ml MONIN Caribbean Syrup
4 Lime Wedges
10 Mint Leaves
160ml San Benedetto Sparkling Water


Muddle Pour fruit(s)/ spice(s)/ herb(s) into a glass and muddle with MONIN flavorings.

Add Ice Fill glass with crushed ice

Add Soda Top with San Benedetto Sparkling Water.

Stir & Enjoy Stir, add a straw, and enjoy your refreshing mojito.

Shopping List

San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Glass Bottle Water
San Benedetto Prestige Sparkling Water
Monin Raspberry Syrup 1 Liter Glass Bottle
Monin Raspberry Syrup
Monin Caribbean Syrup 700ml Glass Bottle
Monin Caribbean Syrup

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