Toffee Coffee Frappe

Get the candy prize excitement, while recharging your caffeine intake with a cool pleasant taste full of useful nutritional elements.
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40g Monin Toffee Coffee Powder
150ml Alpro Oat Milk


Mix Ingredients Inside Blender Jar Add the frappe powder and milk into the blender

Add Ice Add a glass of ice cubes to ingredients

Blend Blend until smooth

Pour & Drink Pour the mix into a glass & enjoy your drink

Shopping List

Monin Toffee Coffee Frappe Base Powder Sealed Bag
Monin Toffee Coffee Frappe
Blendtec Blender Connoisseur 825
Blendtec Connoisseur 825
Alpro Barista Oat 1L
Alpro Organic Oat Milk for Professionals

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