Sugar Free Vanilla Latte

Your latte is as good as the quality of coffee being used, Bristot 100% Arabica is specifically made for less bitter coffee applications like lattes, and they even get better when coupled with the right flavor; Monin sugar free vanilla syrup enriches the flavor of your foamy latte - thanks to Alpro non-dairy soya milk, all in a low calorie treat that delivers the right taste while staying healthy and fit.
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30ml MONIN Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup,
180ml Alpro Soya Non-Dairy Milk,
30ml Bristot Arabica Bean to Cup Espresso.


Pour Syrup Pour MONIN flavor in a glass.

Add Steam Milk Steam milk until frothy and pour over MONIN flavor.

Add Espresso Pour coffee over mix.

Enjoy That's it, now enjoy your perfect cup of flavored latte.

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Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
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