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Espresso 101 Hot Drinks

This is an essential course for anyone who's seeking a professional career as a Barista.

The Espresso 101 training course is ideal for people who are just starting in the coffee world. It is for those who have had no formal training before.

During the training you will learn the most essential barista skills. We will show you what coffee is, how it grows and how it’s harvested. We explain how coffee is roasted and we talk about freshness and packaging.

You will learn a lot about producing the very best espresso and we run you through the process step by step. This means you will learn how to calibrate a coffee grinder, how to dose, how to tamp the coffee and look for the perfect ex­traction.

What will you learn in this course?

Bartender Course

Discover the secrets behind signature cold beverages.

This cold beverage course is a dynamic & fun way to learn pro skills and acquire the necessary knowledge for preparing the most delicious & biggest selling cold beverages made today.

You will understand the tools needed to produce frappe, fredo, and ice coffee, all in areal coffee bar environment.

As providers of quality flavor products, we will give you a comprehensive look and taste of the new growing segments of smoothies, freak shakes, milk shakes and cocktails.

What will you learn in this course?

Creative Latte Art Unleashed

This course will fuel your creativity and make every single moment of your daily job an enjoyable one.

What is Latte Art? Latte art is art by a barista. Clients and baristas alike find it very inter­esting. Latte means milk in Italian, so latte art is the art of milk.

Latte art can be done on any coffee that has milk in it, not just lattes. Latte art can be done on cappuccinos, hot chocolate and macchiato. 

Joining a latte art course will help you understand milk steaming that will definitely make you a better barista.

What will you learn in this course?

Our aim is simple, to provide you with an exceptional level of training, leaving you not only with the knowledge you’re after but with the deeper understanding of why we do things the way we do.
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