Virgin Frozen Pineapple Mojito

The Virgin Frozen Pineapple Mojito delivers exotic freshness to your senses.
5/5 (11 Reviews)
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330ml Monin Pineapple Puree
1 scoop Monin Non Dairy Base
120ml San Benedetto Still Water
20ml Lime Juice
10 Mint Leaves


Mix Ingredients Pour ingredients into a blender cup

Add Ice Add a glass of ice cubes to the blender cup

Blend Blend until smooth

Pour & Drink Pour mix into a glass & enjoy your drink

Shopping List

San Benedetto Prestige Bianca Natural Still Water in Glass Bottles
San Benedetto Prestige Still Water
Monin Pineapple Puree Fruit Mix 1 Liter Bottle
Monin Pineapple Puree
Monin Non Dairy Frappe Base 2kgs
Monin Non Dairy Frappe

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