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Clean & Fresh Taste
Economic & Budget Friendly
Convenient, Eco-Friendly & Stylish
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Great Taste, Less Waste With Savings!

Drink clean water, prepare tasty beverages and cook fresh meals; BRITA water filter jugs deliver great taste.

Reduce plastic waste; BRITA water filter jugs reduce plastics waste from PET bottled water, delivering a sustainable solution that’s good for you and good for the environment.

BRITA water filter jugs help you realize cost savings per liter compared to bottled water.

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Convenience without sacrificing design aesthetics

All BRITA water filter jugs are dishwasher safe (except lid) and all 2.4 litres models fit your fridge door.

All BRITA water filter jugs have built-in filter exchange indicator so you don’t have to worry about tracking filter life.

BRITA water filter jugs come in a variety of styles & sizes featuring modern design aesthetics to fit your lifestyle.

No need to carry heavy weight water bottles or waste your space on bottle storage.

No complex installation and maintenance, only simplicity and convenience.

No hidden costs like tips you feel obliged to pay for every bottled water order delivery.

Advanced Technology Meets Top Build Quality

BRITA MAXTRA+ filters reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of food and drink.

BRITA MAXTRA+ filters absorb metals and reduces limescale protecting appliances against scale build up.

German technology by BRITA GmbH; the inventor of water filtration with 50+ years of experience in the field.

Shop for BRITA Water Filter Jugs fitting your lifestyle.

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The Maxtra+ cartridge is designed to improve the smell, taste and appearance of municipally treated tap water. It is not designed to make untreated tap water safe.

You can purchase the BRITA Maxtra+ filter cartridges as well as the entire BRITA water filter jugs range in Egypt from the following places:

    Online - delivers anywhere inside greater Cairo area only.
    Online - delivers anywhere in Egypt.
  • Gourmet supermarket:
    Online and in-store.
  • Seoudi supermarkets:

All BRITA jugs come with 1 year warranty.

Quanta is an authorized distributor for BRITA in Egypt.

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