Banana Coffee Frappe

If you can't get enough of coffee like we do, and would like to have your cold drinks bursting with coffee aroma and taste, then this banana coffee frappe will make your summer day.
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30ml MONIN Banana Puree,
1 MONIN Coffee Frappe Scoop,
120ml Alpro Barista Soya Milk.


Pour Ingredients Pour ingredients into a blender cup.

Add Ice Cover with ice cubes.

Blend Blend until smooth.

Pour Mix Pour mix into a glass.

Garnish & Enjoy Garnish with whipped cream and caramel sauce mix then enjoy your drink.

Shopping List

Whipi Plus Cream 1 Liter
Whipi Plus Cream
Monin Coffee Frappe Base 2kgs
Monin Coffee Frappe
Monin Banana Puree 1 L
Monin Banana Puree
Monin Caramel Sauce 1.89L Pump Bottle
Monin Caramel Sauce
Alpro Barista Soya 1L
Alpro Soya Milk for Professionals

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