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iSi Twist’n Sparkle Plus


For easily carbonating water and juices and for preparing carbonated mocktails. iSi Twist‘n Sparkle is bubbling over with ideas!

  • The iSi Twist´n Sparkle offers much more than just soda: It isn‘t just water that can be carbonated – juices, coffee, tea, mocktails and more.
  • Water with fresh fruits, herbs and syrups can also be freshly carbonated. Your drink simply sparkles with a natural taste – nothing artificial here
  • Handy, space-saving and easy to store
  • Immediately ready for use: Each iSi Twist´n Sparkle comes with 6 iSi Soda Chargers.

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iSi Twist’n Sparkle; The sparkling adventurer!

For sparkling, home-mixed drinks and refreshing soda water, featuring robust, transparent, and refillable PET bottle – completely BPA and phthalate-free and 100% recyclable steel iSi Soda Chargers.

  • Fizz up any beverage except oil and dairy products
  • Turn tap water into sparkling water instantly, anytime
  • Keeps your drink sparkling for several days in the fridge
  • Portable system for unlimited refreshment, anywhere
  • Fun and easy to use

For cold preparations at home only, not designed for professional use and not dishwasher safe.


Dimensions 9.2 × 14.5 × 29.9 cm


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